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Hi There. This is Saining Xie.

I am a research scientist at Facebook AI Research (FAIR), Menlo Park.

I was a PhD student at CSE Department, UC San Diego. My advisor is Professor Zhuowen Tu. I obtained my bachelor degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2013.

My research interest includes machine learning (especially deep learning) and its applications in computer vision.

I was very fortunate to have interned at National University of Singapore (Singapore, 2012), NEC Labs America (Cupertino, 2014), Adobe Research (San Francisco, 2015), Facebook AI Research (Menlo Park, 2016), Google Research (Mountain View, 2017) and DeepMind (London, 2017). My PhD research was partly supported by the Google PhD Fellowship in Machine Perception.

Greetings, Traveler!