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Selected Publications

[1] Transferring Task Goals via Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
Saining Xie, Alexandre Galashov, Siqi Liu, Shaobo Hou, Razvan Pascanu, Nicolas Heess, Yee Whye Teh
In Submission, 2018

[2] Attentional ShapeContextNet for Point Cloud Recognition [pdf]
Saining Xie*, Sainan Liu*, Zeyu Chen, Zhuowen Tu
Accepted, CVPR 2018

[3] Rethinking Spatiotemporal Feature Learning For Video Understanding [Arxiv] [Mini-Kinetics-200 splits]
Saining Xie, Chen Sun, Jonathan Huang, Zhuowen Tu, Kevin Murphy
Arxiv Preprint, 2017

[4] Aggregated Residual Transformations for Deep Neural Networks [Arxiv] [Code and Pretrained Model]
Saining Xie, Ross Girshick, Piotr Dollár, Zhuowen Tu, Kaiming He
To Appear in CVPR 2017, Second Place at ILSVRC 2016 Classification Track

[5] Convolutional Pseudo-Prior for Structured Labeling [Arxiv]
Saining Xie*, Xun Huang* and Zhuowen Tu (*equal contribution.)
In Proceedings of ECCV 2016

[6] Holistically-Nested Edge Detection [Arxiv][Code and Model]
Saining Xie and Zhuowen Tu
In proceedings of ICCV 2015 (Oral), Marr Prize Honorable Mention Award

[7] Holistically-Nested Edge Detection [Extended Journal Paper]
Saining Xie and Zhuowen Tu
IJCV 2017, with updated results and new experiments

[8] Hyper-class Augmented and Regularized Deep Learning for Fine-grained Image Classification [pdf][extended abstract] [Project Page]
Saining Xie, Tianbao Yang, Xiaoyu Wang, Yuanqing Lin
In Proceedings of CVPR 2015

[9] Deeply-Supervised Nets [pdf][Project Page][Code]
Chen-Yu Lee*, Saining Xie*, Patrick Gallagher, Zhengyou Zhang, Zhuowen Tu
(* indicates equal contributions) In Proceedings of AISTATS 2015

An earlier version presented as oral at Deep Learning and Representation Learning Workshop, NIPS 2014

[10] Perception Preserving Projections [pdf][slides]
Saining Xie, Jiashi Feng, Shuicheng Yan, Hongtao Lu
In proceedings of BMVC 2013 (Oral)